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The first step of your career begins here.

At Olsson, we believe in providing real-world experiences to students, so we can shape the next generation of designers and engineers. Our interns work with our engineers and other professionals to solve real problems in real time, helping us make our communities thrive.

Our interns get practical hands-on experience working alongside seasoned pros. We get talented students who are expected to contribute to our team in meaningful ways. A win-win however you look at it.

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Upcoming Campus Events

February 6
Des Moines Area Community College


February 12

Iowa State University             

Colorado School of Mines

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Natural Resources Fair


February 13             

University of Oklahoma 

Kansas State University   

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - STEM


February 14

Arizona State University


February 15

University of Missouri – Kansas City


February 18
UNL Student Athlete Fair


February 19

Missouri S&T    


February 21

Iowa State University - LA Expo

Colorado State University


February 26

University of Arkansas - Landscape Architecture Fair


February 27

Missouri State University

University of Nebraska Omaha


February 28

Oklahoma State University


March 1

Kansas State University - LA Expo


March 5

Southeast Community College


March 6

University of Arkansas


March 13

Northeast Community College


March 27
Ozarks Technical Community College


March 28

Offutt HRAM