Exploring future career paths through firsthand experience

Courtney Strayer, Communications Intern

August 23, 2018

The internship. It’s a quintessential part to any post-secondary education. Students are told from day one that an internship is the golden ticket to a successful future. For months, Olsson’ recruitment team traveled all over and visited various college campuses. We recruited the best of the best, and now we’re asking why they chose Olsson.  

What makes Olsson’s intern program special?

To start, we have interns across all offices on nearly every team. From technical teams to our corporate business operations teams, students are getting hands-on experience daily. They are working side by side with experienced professionals and are learning from some of the best in their respective fields. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our interns had to say.

“I thought Olsson would be a great place to work because the firm is thriving and growing, which gives me many opportunities. Olsson also relies heavily on teamwork; I have learned so much through my team.” − Sarah, Road/Bridge intern, Lincoln

From the first day, these students are sitting in on meetings, assisting with projects, and getting out in the field, giving them the real-world experience they’ve been searching for.

“Olsson has a great reputation as a place of employment. I had inquired about the environmental internship from one of the team members. It intrigued me because of the opportunity to spend so much time in the field, which is what I was looking for in an internship.” − Isabella, Natural Resource intern, Omaha

Working at Olsson goes beyond work.

It’s the lunches with fellow interns in the break room, coffee breaks and conversations with co-workers, and the comfort of seeing familiar faces in the office.

“One thing that I have learned is that there is always something someone can teach you no matter how old you are and how much you think you know.” − Kendrick, Survey intern, Grand Island

My team really bonded, and we get along very well with each other. It makes the day enjoyable!”                – Alyssa, Road/Bridge intern, Kansas City

When it comes down to it, Olsson interns could’ve worked anywhere but we’re glad they chose to start their careers here.

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