American Burying Beetle Season in Full Swing

Megan Doolittle, Marketing

July 05, 2018

Olsson’s environmental scientists received some good news from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). The active season for the American Burying Beetle (ABB), a federally listed endangered species, has officially commenced.

American Burying Beetle

Along with announcing the beginning of the season in May, the USFWS also released new range-wide guidance for ABB surveying. The new guidance combines trapping protocols from the northern ranges—including Nebraska and South Dakota—and the southern ranges—including Oklahoma—into one document.

“The new guidance has the potential to extend the trapping season based on three nights at a certain temperature as opposed to one,” said Buck Ray, project scientist and Section 10 permitted biologist.

Managing the impacts of ABB on proposed and active development projects takes careful planning, and execution, along with expertise. Olsson’s environmental scientists can perform surveys within a project area to assess the species presence and abundance, and the distribution of the beetles’ preferred habitat.

American Burying Beetle trapping

Olsson’s scientists have completed ABB surveys for multiple project types, including petroleum and renewable developments, and are ready to assist clients in executing the appropriate survey protocol for their projects based on the new wide-range guidance.

The American Burying Beetle has been listed as endangered since 1989. According to the USFWS, the beetle formerly appeared all over the U.S., but is now only known to appear in a handful of states.

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