A partnership for 56 years and growing

Mark Derowitsch, Communications

May 22, 2018

Whenever city officials from Tecumseh, Nebraska, require an engineering firm, only one firm gets the call: Olsson. And it has been like that since 1962, six years after founder John E. Olsson first hung out his shingle.

Just consider Olsson the unofficial engineer of record for the southeast Nebraska community located 55 miles from Lincoln.

“What we have with Tecumseh is what we strive to have with all our clients,” said Shayne Huxoll, design manager for the Lincoln general civil group. “We’ve had a great relationship with the city for 56 years, and we hope to maintain it for another 56 years and beyond.”

Olsson's first project with Tecumseh

One of the first documented projects Olsson worked on in Tecumseh was replacing the city’s municipal swimming pool. Since then, Olsson and Tecumseh have partnered numerous projects – everything from wastewater treatment improvements to utility studies to community building improvements. Tecumseh is an excellent community for our new staff to get engaged with introductory engineering while also providing our seasoned staff with unique design challenges.

Tecumseh Community Center

The reason Tecumseh keeps working with Olsson boils down to one word: trust.

“Everyone we work with at Olsson treats us like we’re their hometown,” said Doug Goracke, economic developer for the city of Tecumseh. “We’re a small town with limited resources, and we’re pretty frugal with what we have. One of the things I appreciate about Shayne and the rest of the Olsson team is they always lead us down the right path.”

Just about every practice of Olsson has worked on a project in Tecumseh, including Water, Site/Civil, Environmental, Field Operations, Survey, and Facilities.

Tecumseh Airport Hangar

Olsson is currently working to preserve Tecumseh’s Historic District, home of the Johnson County Courthouse, built in 1889 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The project will improve pedestrian safety and access, utilities, and the brick-paved streets around the town square.

“Our downtown is a historical district – it’s what we’re known for and what people come to see when they visit Tecumseh,” Doug said. “I know Olsson will make sure every brick is going to be exactly where it’s supposed to be, and they will treat our money like it’s their money. I couldn’t be more excited and proud to have Olsson involved with our city in this project.”

Tecumseh Fast Facts

Population: 1,677

First Project with Olsson: Design and Construction services for a community swimming pool

Number of recently completed projects: 60+

Significant Projects with Olsson Since 1962:

  • Wastewater treatment improvements
  • Wellfield improvements
  • Water tower improvements
  • Lift station improvements
  • Water/Sewer/Electrical rates studies
  • GIS mapping
  • Airport improvements
  • Cemetery lot layout
  • Electrical system improvements
  • Water and sewer system improvements
  • Street and drainage improvements
  • Community building improvements
  • Street lighting improvements
  • Aquatic center improvements
  • Historic square preservation
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