Technology gets smarter by the minute. So do we.


Patrick McFarlin

Fort Worth, Texas


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Our world is constantly being reshaped, driven by accelerated advances in technology. At Olsson, we’re ready for change and have been since day one when founder John E. Olsson made innovative thinking a core value of our firm.

We continually strive to embrace technology and apply it in everything we do so we can better serve the needs of our clients. Whether we’re designing intelligent transportation systems (ITS), geographic information systems (GIS), or industrial control systems, we carefully evaluate the best use of technology to solve the challenges of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our leaders foster a culture of innovation that empowers our teams to think creatively. We tackle each new challenge with fresh ideas and a commitment to apply the best available technology that’s in your best interest.

Innovation is not just part of our thinking, it’s part of our DNA.