We all co-exist with the land.


Jason Byler

Lincoln, Nebraska


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Our Remediation team is focused on the long view for our environment, our clients and the communities we serve. We analyze both the sustainable needs of a property as well as its economic potential after it’s cleaned up. To us, that’s the responsible way to look at it.

Our clients run the gamut—from large municipalities to rural communities to private corporations. So does our work. We’ve done soil and groundwater remediation on the site of a crude oil pumping facility and natural gas compressor station, provided technical support for innovative Brownfields projects, and even designed a constructed wetland as part of an experimental phytoremediation project.

Brownfields Studies

CERCLA/Superfund Investigations and Compliance

Geologic and Hydrogeologic Studies

Groundwater Monitoring

Hazardous Waste/Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Assessments and Remediation of Landfills

Soil, Sediment, Surface, and Groundwater Sampling

Underground Storage Tank Investigations and Remediation

Well Field Studies