We develop innovative solutions that balance the needs of our clients and the benefits to the environment.


Brian Osborn

Omaha, Nebraska


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Our environmental engineering team is made up of experts in biology, ecology, geology, hydrogeology, meteorology, and natural resources who resolve past environmental conflicts and prevent future problems from taking place.

We help private and public entities navigate and proactively comply with complicated and ever-evolving regulatory processes, regulations, and permitting requirements at the local, state, and federal levels. Our environmental engineers and natural resources experts provide technically sound, environmentally aware, and economically justified solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable.    

Our approach to environmental engineering works, as evidenced by the projects we’ve completed: wetlands that improve surface water quality; remediated urban sites that can now be safely and economically redeveloped; restored habitats for threatened and endangered species; well fields that provide safe drinking water; and successful environmental regulatory compliance for our wide range of public and private clients.