State Road Loop 303: Waddell Road to Mountain View Boulevard

Surprise, Arizona

We developed the final plans, specifications, and estimates for Segment 6 of State Road Loop 303 (SR303L; Bob Stump Memorial Parkway and formerly Estrella Freeway). The southern end of this 3.5-mile segment begins on Waddell Road and the northern end is located at Mountain View Boulevard.

The SR303L mainline consists of three general purpose (GP) lanes in each direction separated by an open median with cable barrier. The open median will accommodate the future construction of a concrete median barrier plus a new GP lane and a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction. This project also includes two traffic service interchanges (TIs) at Greenway Road and Bell Road. Both Greenway Road and Bell Road are classified as City of Surprise major arterial streets.

The SR303L mainline is partially depressed under Greenway Road, fully depressed under Bell Road, returns to grade slightly north of Bell Road, and then continues at grade matching into the existing SR303L at Mountain View Boulevard. The northbound SR303L transitions from a three-lane freeway section to the existing one-lane roadway just south of Mountain View Boulevard. Similarly, the southbound SR303L transitions from the existing one-lane roadway to a three-lane freeway section.

The Greenway Road crossroad improvements included horizontally realigning the roadway to the south and partially elevating the roadway as it crosses over the SR303L mainline. A new underpass bridge was constructed as part of the Greenway Road TI with SR303L. Greenway Road improvements included three through lanes in each direction, separated by a raised median, and dual left-turn lanes and single right-turn lanes at the TI. The Greenway Road TI is a compact diamond interchange.

The Bell Road TI is a single-point urban interchange (SPUI). The Bell Road crossroad improvements, a new underpass bridge, and a new utility bridge were constructed as part of the previously completed Statewide Transportation Advancement Needs (STAN) projects. This project included the TI ramps, traffic signals, and connections needed for the Bell Road TI to become fully functional as a traffic service interchange with SR303L.

In addition to the new two-span, cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete box girder underpass bridge, Olsson designed a concrete-lined open channel that was constructed along the western side of SR 303L and conveys the off-site and on-site freeway drainage to the south. This channel connects to the drainage system of the adjacent project at the southern end. Numerous channel transition structures, sound walls, and retaining walls were also required at various locations between Greenway Road and Mountain View Boulevard.


Chidambaram "CG" Gnanasambanthan

Chandler, Arizona


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