Sproul Water Booster Station

Golden, Colorado

With one eye concentrated on current needs and another eye focused on future expansion, we designed a new potable water booster station for a residential development project and the surrounding area in Golden, Colorado. We worked with the developer and the North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation District to design a booster station that would supply water to the new development and would also be used to guide future developments in the area. 

The Sproul Water Booster Station design consisted of a below-grade, cast-in-place, reinforced concrete structure that was 14 feet deep with an opening that was 18 by 22 feet. It was sized to handle a total of five booster pumps. 

Initially, only three of the five pumps would be used. The other two pump slots were for future expansion of the booster station. One of the three working booster pumps would handle 500 gallons-per-minute (GPM) and the other two pumps would handle 2,000 GPM. 

The booster station would have a pumping capacity of 3,500 GPM, or 5.04 million-gallons-per-day (MGD). The design services for this project included site civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical designs. 

The design of the project was completed in August 2006. Construction was completed in the spring of 2009.


Joe Baxter

Hastings, Nebraska


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