Seward Water Tower Repainting

Seward, Nebraska

Olsson has worked with the City of Seward, Nebraska, also known as the Fourth-of-July City to locals, for decades. We provide services primarily focused on water and wastewater infrastructure, but the city approached us with a unique and festive project.

In 2016, we repainted the full interior and exterior of Seward’s water tower. But we didn’t stop there. Our talented team of graphic designers worked with the city to design a specialized logo for Seward’s water tower. In addition to the city’s name, our team added celebratory fireworks to the logo to promote Seward as a Fourth of July destination.

Our engineers also helped Seward complete submittals to the state, ensuring designs met quality and safety standards. We also assisted the city throughout the construction bidding process and performed construction observation while the tower was being painted.

Olsson is working on the design for another water tower in downtown Seward. We’ve surveyed the area and design services are currently underway. The city plans to include a unique graphic design at this location as well.

In addition to water and wastewater services, our engineers provide on-call services to help manage water tower levels and wells, operate the treatment plant, and maintenance of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system as needed.


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Lincoln, Nebraska


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