Ellsworth Channel Relocation

Mesa, Arizona

The purpose of the Ellsworth Channel Relocation project was to provide additional acreage for the development of the new eastside Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority (PMGAA) terminal and to maximize development opportunities for the parcel. The project included final design for relocating an approximately 6,000-foot reach of Ellsworth Channel to the airport property boundary with a relocated channel length of approximately 3,000 feet. The project also included relocating the confluence of Ellsworth Channel with Powerline Floodway approximately 3,000 feet upstream and improving Powerline Floodway between the existing confluence and the new tie-in point.

We provided several services for this project, including project management; hydrologic and hydraulic engineering; civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering; surveying and mapping; landscape design; and permitting. We also provided extensive stakeholder coordination with the PMGAA, the City of Mesa, the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC), and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Additionally, we completed final design for approximately 900 feet of Hawes Road, including intersection improvements at Ray Road; a 70-foot, simple-span vehicular bridge crossing the channel; roadway improvements; and utility extensions to provide a new connection that would serve as the future main entrance into the airport. This project required extensive coordination with city staff, PMGAA, FCDMC, and various utility companies.


Fadi Jalaghi

Chandler, Arizona


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