Clay Center Transmission Line

Clay Center, Kansas

Based on our long-standing relationships with the Kansas Power Pool and the Clay Center Public Utilities Commission (PUC), we were selected to prepare plans, specifications, and contract documents for approximately two miles of a new 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line in and near Clay Center, Kansas. Because of limited space to build the line and the city’s desire to tie into an existing station, our team members produced a design that accommodated the city’s needs.

The City of Clay Center had an existing 34.5-kV line, which marginally served the city. City officials understood that the needs of the growing community required an upgraded transmission line to accommodate its development.

Along with the new line, a new switching station and substation also needed to be constructed. Two bays would need to be built in the new switching station—one to handle current usage and one for future expansion.

We created a design that allowed for a new power station to be the “base” of the new 115-kV line and that tied into the existing station. Such a design is becoming the standard across the country as municipalities expand and their power needs increase. Rather than decommissioning the existing structure and building anew, our team saved the clients thousands of dollars by using the existing station’s infrastructure to add the new transmission line.

Also unique to the design was the use of self-supporting angle poles made of galvanized steel. Because of limited easements and right-of-way, all angles on the line were made with the distinctive poles.

Other services involved the following:

  • Making site visits for necessary field verification
  • Designing and producing plans for the new 115-kV line
  • Coordinating services for the 115-kV switching station and the 115-kV to 13.2-kV substation
  • Providing soil testing
  • Providing topographical and right-of-way surveying 

Rusty Hartman

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