A Story of Aircraft and Art

Celena Shepherd, Communications

April 04, 2023

Olsson’s Mark Kuzara has spent thousands of hours flying planes and jets. And when he’s not traveling throughout the country or with friends and family, he’s welding impressive metal sculptures. His sculptures can be found at museums, galleries, and displayed at personal residences.

We caught up with Mark, Olsson’s flight operations leader, to learn more about his 21 years at Olsson and his passion for sculpting. 

Q: What do you do at Olsson?

I started at Olsson on September 30, 2001. It was a very nice birthday gift. I fly the corporate aircraft, as well as coordinate flights and ground transportation for employees. I also manage maintenance and inspection schedules for the aircraft.

Q: When did you realize you have a talent for sculpting?

More than a decade ago my brother and I entered a welding rodeo in our hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming. We were tasked with building a large, life-size sculpture out of scrap and recycled metal. We created a dinosaur and won second place. I was hooked after that.

Q: What types of sculptures have you made and where can they be found?

I made “First Solo,” a bronze pedal plane, which is displayed at the Lincoln Children’s Museum. Some life-size sculptures I’ve made from scrap metal include an ox, several horses, and several bison. And I have some smaller sculptures of animals and people displayed at the Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska. My art has become somewhat more than a hobby. I get a great deal of pleasure from creating and watching people react to my work.

Q: What is life at Olsson like?

I enjoy flying and traveling, but what I enjoy most is being responsible for and taking care of fellow employees. I often share photos of my sculptures with coworkers, who have been very complimentary of my work. Several coworkers have even purchased sculptures from me. People at Olsson are very supportive, and it means a great deal.

"First Solo," at The Lincoln Children's Museum.