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Todd Fredericksen

Overland Park, Kansas


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How we access and share information is constantly changing, so it’s crucial that the technology being used to store, monitor, and control the data being generated is safe and secure.

Olsson’s full suite of design and engineering services in telecommunications is focused on giving clients peace of mind. We ensure every client need is met, from conceptual planning and design through the final phases of construction.  

We’re nimble, too – large enough to handle long-haul fiber build projects and still able to pay meticulous attention to every single detail.

At Olsson, we follow the latest standards and best practices and have solid field experience in engineering outside and inside plan designs, network planning, and wireless networks. And you can be sure we’re always up-to-date on the latest technological advances.  

We provide telecommunications services in fiber route engineering; environmental assessment; fiber optic networks; right-of-way, railroad, and easement permitting and acquisition; splice diagramming; construction management; FTTx design; feasibility studies; feasibility analysis; cost analysis; submittal review; grant writing; rural utilities service-funded projects; and more.

Olsson’s professional, in-house staff helps with all phases of telecommunications project development.