Renewable Energy

As more and more wind turbines and solar panels dot the landscape, one thing is abundantly clear: renewable energy is in demand now more than ever.


John Henning

La Vista, NE


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At Olsson, we have the renewable energy solutions to help energy providers, like you, meet these demands.

With a team of renewable energy experts and professional consulting services, we can carry your wind energy and solar projects through the regulatory process from site selection to post-construction operation. The secret to our success? Personalized project management emphasizing clear and constant communication with the stakeholder, including the developer and regulatory agencies.

We have completed utility-scale solar projects in the Midwest and throughout the United States, and our wind energy projects are visible coast to coast.


Environmental Compliance

Agency Coordination

Permit Applications

NEPA Documentation

Biological Surveys

Expert Testimony

Cultural Resources Coordination

Mitigation Planning and Monitoring

Construction Biological Monitoring

Environmental Compliance Coordinator

Noise Analysis

Shadow Flicker Analysis


Civil Engineering


Master Site Planning


Roadway Designs

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)

Structural Design


Power Electrical

System Evaluations

Component Procurement

Transmission and Subtransmission

Overhead Design

Voltage Conversions



Biological Services 

Critical Issues Analysis

Habitat Assessments T&E

Species Surveys – Flora and Fauna

Avian Surveys – Breeding Bird, Avian Use, and MBTA Nesting

Raptor Nests Surveys – Ground and Aerial

Grouse Lek Surveys

Wetland Delineations

Bat Acoustical Monitoring

Eagle Use and Eagle Risk Assessments

Habitat Restoration

Post-Construction Mortality Monitoring


Field Services 

Special Inspections
- Materials testing, including soil, concrete, nondestructive, and steel testing

- Geotechnical borings
- Lab analysis
- Foundation recommendation

Construction Management



Alta Surveys and Micro Siting

Construction Staking


Transmission Route Identification

Right-of-Way Surveys

Mapping Services

Legal Descriptions and Exhibits



Due Diligence

Preliminary Environmental Studies

Preliminary Survey

Site Selection

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Scouting




Collection Line Design

Drainage (Stormwater Management and Planning)

Environmental Permitting

Fencing and Landscape Design

Geotechnical Engineering

Interior Road Planning

Power Electrical

Site Access

Site Grading

Site Layout

Spatial and Directional Orientation

Substation Design


Transmission Line Design

Visual Simulations



Construction Surveying

Environmental Monitoring

Materials Testing

Observation and Administration

Panel Staking

Push-Pull Testing

Structural Design (for Ground and Roof Mounts)


UAV Inspection