Dams & Levees

Dams and levees provide vital protection to our nation’s communities.


Jeff McPeak

Lincoln, Nebraska


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Dams and levees protect our water supplies; control floods to keep our homes and neighborhoods safe; allow us to irrigate crops; and create recreation areas that are enjoyed by many.

Left unchecked, flood waters can be destructive and deadly. They can quickly destroy houses, neighborhoods, and even entire cities, so dam and levee engineering is vital to creating safe, cost-effective solutions to protect our communities.

We offer a full range of technical expertise for planning, engineering and maintaining dams and levees, including inspections, feasibility studies, design, construction management, geotechnical engineering and testing, drilling, and surveying. 

Our clients include federal agencies, municipalities, urban drainage and flood control districts, parks and recreation departments, departments of transportation, and natural resources districts.