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Len Swartz

Omaha, Nebraska


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Some people say it’s location, location, location. Location is important, but there’s so much more to a successful commercial development.

We help clients evaluate the feasibility of potential sites so they can build a solid proforma and work through the entitlement process.  

We help ensure the user-experience will be a positive one by designing efficient utilities, functional and safe parking lots, and visually appealing landscaping. And we analyze the surrounding area to determine if there are additional needs like traffic signals and street improvements.

In addition to outdoor development, we’ve got you covered indoors too. Whether you’re renovating or planning new construction, you want a building that people will enjoy.

We work with clients to select the best structural, mechanical, and electrical systems for their project. Our goal is to provide clients with a comfortable space and incorporate the highest level of technology and sustainable design that meets budget and energy efficiency goals.